Quality assurance and documentation

To achieve the highest standards of precision, the components and assemblies that we produce undergo painstaking quality control after individual production steps and during final inspection. It goes without saying that our measuring instruments and testing equipment are regularly calibrated for this.

Our customers benefit from these stringent tests by obtaining quality products that are guaranteed to meet the contractually agreed standards.

In our testing facilities with their modern equipment, we not only check dimensional accuracy to within a few thousandths of a millimetre, but can also carry out vacuum tightness tests, for example. We have a test bench with a turbo pump, a helium leak-testing facility with a detection sensitivity of ≤ 1x10-9 mbar*l/s and a mass spectrometer for residual gas analysis.

Quality audits to customer specification

We are constantly planning, consolidating and improving our product quality and enable our customers to carry out quality audits.

Thanks to this cooperation between external quality professionals and our trained QM staff, ALMA regularly achieves outstanding ratings.