Precision machining

ALMA driving elements GmbH mainly machines high-grade stainless steels, aluminium and copper, although brass, plastics and other special materials are also processed, depending on the requirements.

Our advanced machine park and the use of superlative-quality materials are important factors in the achievement of product quality, but not the only ones.

Another essential ingredient is the machining expertise of our skilled and experienced employees who ensure that workpieces are converted in a multitude of work steps into complex and high-grade precision components.

So, far from being the exception, the machining of materials to achieve ultra-precise vacuum sealing surfaces is part of the everyday routine.

CNC turning

Our turning shop is equipped with six CNC and various conventional lathes. They are used for producing precision workpieces with high concentricity up to a diameter of 600 mm.

CNC milling

ALMA has twelve advanced CNC milling machines and machining centres that are designed for components ranging from the tiniest part through to workpieces weighing up to 5 tonnes.

Our machine park is currently capable of machining workpieces with the following maximum dimensions: x 5,500 mm, y 2,300 mm, z 1,200 mm.

For conventional machining, CNC machining centres are available with magazines for up to 40 tools.

For example, we also have a special CNC machining centre with automatic screw drilling and milling devices with which we can carry out high-precision drilling for our vacuum screw production.

With our modern CNC machining centres, we machine components with workpiece weights ranging from a few grams to several thousand kilograms.