Company history

1979 Establishment of ALMA Mechanik Metallteile GmbH (metalworking for machine manufacture)
1992 Opening of a new production site in Wertheim-Bestenheid
1995 QM certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001
1998 Opening of another building in Schollbrunn (today‘s headquarters, component assembly, administration and sales)
1999 Introduction of SAP R/3 and 3D CAD
2004 ALMA driving elements GmbH takes over the business activities of ALMA Mechanik Metallteile GmbH
2009 Addition of a production hall for large-volume milling
2015 Installation of cleanroom assembly units
2016 Launch of the ALMA Mater Vision
2017 Investment in new CNC turning/milling machines
  Implementation of HVA cleaning services at Bestenheid plant
  Installation of reliable ultra clean assembly services at Schollbrunn plant with UCV cleaning (ISO 6) und UCA assembly (ISO 5)